When Dozza played center forward

April 21, 1945 Bologna was liberated Nazi and fascist oppression.
Mayor Joseph Dozza he faced a destroyed city.
For the reconstruction of the appeal launched "Doing well soon and that" all welcomed with generous slancio.Lo sport, in its broadest expression, was elevated to starring in the revival and difficult Dozza was able to grasp and appreciate this reality on the material and moral.
His commitment, his directions were fundamental. These pictures will be a loving documentation of the journey undertaken in years but lively complicated by a man, an administrator and open concrete.

They continued to live sports clubs, tournaments were organized and demonstrations, the mayor contributed concretely to restart Bologna FC A large effort involving sports , political forces and ordinary citizens , associations varied. A meeting was set up boxing and fighting Baraccano under the auspices of the youth section of the Action Party , in Montagnola cycling race with Coppi and Bartali promoted by the PNA , the newspaper " The Progress of Italy" (in collaboration with Uisp ) launched the race to the sea in four stages for women cyclists . Facilities and gyms were realized thanks to the voluntary work and free thousands of citizens.
The mayor Dozza followed and fueled this ferment .
Stimulated the organizers . He acquired a leading role in the construction of the indoor stadium of the square Azzarita which was later named after him in gratitude . Dozza played without smudging rhetoric , the importance of sport at all levels while building the foundation for the future.




Photo Credits
Photographic studios: Walter Breveglieri, Camera Chiara, Piero Casadei, FN Paolo Ferrari, Umberto Gaggioli
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